Llíber is a town in the district of Alicante and independent neighborhood of Valencia, Spain. The municipality covers an area of 21.9 square kilometres (8.5 sq mi) and since 2011 had a populace of 1070 individuals.
Girl Elizabeth College, a British international college, has its elderly school campus in Llíber. 
Llíber is a district of Valencia, Spain. It lies in the north-east of the province of Alicante, within the area of the Marina Alta. It has 1,099 citizens, of which 62.80% are of international race. (National Institute of Statistics-Spain 2015.) Lliber is surrounded by the neighbourhood Penya Roja to the north. Lloma Llarga as well as Tossal del Cau light better to the south. Liber is accessed, by freeway, through N-332 which leads in Benisa to the CV-745. Lliber borders the districts of Alcalalí, Benissa, Gata de Gorgos, Jalón, Pedreguer as well as Senija.
Situated to the north of the metropolitan location, is the Iberian town of Pozo de Gata. The Iberians made use of to develop their settlements in high areas in order to acquire a better defence against their opponents. For this same reason, they likewise walled them. Llíber as well as the surrounding lands were dominated in 1256 by King James I of Aragon. The lady Constance of Sicily appreciated the Llíber earnings up until November 1300, when James II transferred the incomes to those of those of Pego as well as Vall de Uxó. From 1413 until 1444 Liber was part of the rule of the Martorell, family tree to which belonged the well-known novelist, Joanot Martorell. In 1444 the community of Llíber was sold at auction at the request of the lenders of Galceran Martorell. The buyers were Gonzalo de Híjar, Comendador de Montalbán, as well as his better half, Inés de Portugal. On September 12 1444, Gonzalo de Hijar, marketed Llíber to his child Pedro. Later it belonged to the Fight it out of Almodóvar. In 1609, Lliber had 25 residences and also was an annex of Xaló which came to be independent. Till 1707 Lliber belonged to the government of Xàtiva (Júcar), Which till 1833 became part of the federal government (township) of Dénia.
More than half of the term stays uncultivated, with dryland agriculture predominating in the cultivated areas, grains, grapes, as well as almonds being the most famous plants.
Coordinates: 38°44′36″N 0°00′21″W
Altitude: 1911 msnm
Surface 21,93 km²
Population(2018): 1,051
Density: 43,37 hab./km²
Postal code: 03729
Official language: Valenciano

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