Items to Bring from the UK

Items To Bring From The UK When You Move To The Costa Blanca North

These days with the influx of ex-pats to the Costa Blanca numerous shops have sprung up to accommodate foreigners and practically everything can now be found in one shop or another so there is definitely no need to panic!!  You are not moving to Timbuktoo and what with the internet nowadays and “on line shopping” your are still connected to the UK and these days most shops will deliver to Spain.  However below are some suggestions for you to consider.




Do not rashly pile all your winter clothes into a black bin liner and charge down to the charity shop otherwise you will act in haste and repent at leisure!!  Spain although very hot most of the year is a very cold country in the winter months when the sun is not shining and most of the villas are built to be cool so that getting through the hot summer is more comfortable.  You will definitely need long sleeved sweaters and coats for a short period, layers are the best answer then you can take off or put on whatever you need according to the day.




Ladies it is not always easy to find a decent bra or a comfortable pair of knickers in the UK and over here there is certainly less choice so it is that much harder.  In this part of the world we only have one department store which is called El Corte Ingles and they are spread out far and wide.  In this store they of course do sell a selection of underwear both well know brands and their Spanish counterparts however my advice would be to take a trip to Marks and Spencers and stock up as these items are small and weigh nothing!!!


Kettles And Toasters


This may seem a strange suggestion but as these items feature on the work top in most of our homes they need to fit in with the décor!!  Although of course you can purchase both items in electrical stores over here the choice is often somewhat limited as in brand, style and yes the most important thing colour!!  In addition the wattage in Spain is that much lower so when you pop your bread into a Spanish toaster it may take two attempts to get that inviting crispy brown toast. – English toasters work perfectly well and they are my preferred option.


Tools And Garden Equipment


Guys although we have a number of “Ferreterias” in the Costa Blanca and some large DIY stores as yet although there is a wide selection of items here if your shed is full of for example your adored collection of Drapers tools and your favourite garden equipment I would suggest that you consider bringing it all with you as to purchase new like for like items could not only be difficult but in most cases expensive.


Medicines and Supplements


There are a great number of Farmacias in this part of Spain and in most you will find an English speaker so there is absolutely no need to worry however you will not find medicines in the supermarkets as you would do in the UK in the likes of Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s.  In nearly all cases if you cannot find your British medicine here you will find exactly the same Spanish equivalent however if there is something particular that you or your children are suited to it would be a good idea to bring a stock with you to tide you over until you find a good replacement.  The really plus side of the coin is that you can buy an awful lot of items over the counter here which saves time and money by not visiting the Doctor.


Items Not To Bring From The UK When You Move To The Costa Blanca North



We have all made the same mistake packing those endless boxes full of the contents of our house, carefully putting blankets over all our furniture and strapping cardboard to our best tables and chairs for protection!!  I would seriously only suggest bringing with you those items that are your favourites as what looks fantastic in your home in the UK will not necessarily suit your new beautiful white sparkling villa in the Costa Blanca or indeed may not even fit in your lovely semi circular turreted lounge!!  In addition if you are planning on renting and have to put your furniture into storage it is a costly business.  Furniture is available over here and there is a fair amount of choice however on the flip size we do not get the “Buy now pay in 2013” deals that you are offered in the UK.

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