Get Smart When Selling - 101 Pointers

Selling a home in market like this one, filled with foreclosures and crowded with other sellers, can be tough on your mental state and on your finances. That is why it is essential to do all you can to get your home looking good and and as such it will draw in buyers.  Most homeowners will be happy to learn that you do not have to invest in a whole home renovation to spruce it up. In fact, many fixes that are a big help in selling your home can be done on a budget and require little besides some time and elbow grease to do. If you are looking for some ways to make your home stand out and get sold, here are some simple ideas you can try.
These basics are something every home owner needs to do when putting their house on the market.
1. Paint your walls in a neutral colour.  You might like bright and bold colors, but potential buyers might not.  Paint the walls a light, impartial colour that will allow anyone viewing your home to picture themselves in it.
2. Clear out clutter.  Buyers do not want to see wardrobes that are overflowing, garages that cannot house a car and kitchen counters littered with spices and appliances.  Clean things up before putting your house on the market for better success.
3. Get rid of big furniture.  Overly large furniture can make a room seem small and crowded– the opposite of what you want buyers to feel.  Sell or store it to make more room.
4. Fix any broken items.  Whether it is a busted doorbell or a leaky tap, make sure your home is in good repair so buyers will not have any hesitations.
5. Use what you have got.  You likely do not have the time or money to mount a full-on renovation if you are trying to sell your home, so use paint, simple fixes and things you already have to make your home look great.
6. Do not block natural light.  Unless you are showing your home to Dracula, there are few things as valuable to potential buyers as ample natural light.  Showcase what your home has to offer by moving furniture and choosing window treatments that will not block light.
7. Stage your rooms.  You do not have to be a professional to take some steps to stage your home.  Clean up, change a few items of decor and rearrange your rooms to give things a clean, streamlined appeal.
8. Take down some personal items.  While you do not have to make your home look like a showroom, removing personal items like photos, trophies and memorabilia can help buyers better picture themselves in the space.
9. Do not take on big renovations. When you have put your home on the market it is not the best time to undertake major projects.  Not only is it expensive, it makes your home difficult to show, so focus on small fixes instead and let buyers handle the renovations if they choose to.
10. Imagine you are the buyer.  Try taking a look at your home from an objective point of view.  What would you change or fix up? Use this information to help spruce up your space.
11. Make your home stand out.  If you live in a neighborhood with several homes for sale, you will need to find a way to make your home more appealing than the others.  Highlight the best aspects of your home and make sure buyers see what it really has to offer.
12. Make sure rooms have an obvious use.  You might use your dining room as an office, playroom or storage space, but potential buyers might be put off by that.  Set up rooms for their intended purpose instead and move your stuff to another space for the time being.
13. Minimize the pet effect.  Not all home buyers are big animal lovers, so make your home friendly to them as well by cleaning up toys, pet food and supplies before your home is viewed.
14. Make the space easy to walk through. Remove any furniture, clutter or boxes that might be blocking or impeding buyers from walking through the space freely.
The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so use these hacks to make sure it wows them.
15. Pay attention to curb appeal.  First impressions can go a long way, so make sure your home makes a good one. Step out to the curb to see just how your home looks like and what you can do to help its appearance.
16. Mow the grass.  A well-trimmed garden will make your home look nice and well taken care of, so keep your grass in check.  Mow it regularly yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
17. Keep bushes trimmed. Spend an afternoon trimming back some of the more unruly plants and trees in your garden.  They may be hiding your home or taking away from its appeal and natural light.
18. Invest in some flowers.  Flowers are a pretty, inexpensive way to add some colour and life to your home.  They are simple to plant and buyers will love them.
19. Power wash your home and any paths, terraces and decking.  Sometimes all of the latter just need a good, hard scrubbing to make them look clean.
20. Get rid of weeds and any outdoor clutter.  It might not be fun, but it's essential to keep flowerbeds and outdoor spaces just as clear of clutter as indoor ones.
21. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint.  Choose a harmonious color to paint your door to help it look clean, fresh and nicely kept.  
22. Get a nice welcome mat. It not only helps pull together your outdoor space but will introduce buyers to your home on the right footing.
23. If you have a mailbox which is weather beaten then repair, paint or replace it.  
24. Make sure your house number is nicely displayed.  Not only is it a safety issue but it makes your home look charming and welcoming.
25. Clean out gutters. You don not want water overflowing in places if buyers see your home on a rainy day. Get up on your roof and clean out your gutters ahead of time.
26. Stage outdoor spaces.  Staging isn't just for indoor spaces.  Make your decking and outdoor entertaining areas as appealing as possible with plants, paint and great design.
27. Clean and maintain any outdoor furniture, pools or entertainment spaces.  Buyers are going to look at your outdoor spaces critically so make sure everything you have out there is in good repair and as close to move in condition as possible.
28. Clear any plants blocking windows. Big bushes and trees that are blocking windows should be trimmed back or removed. Not only do they make the house look bad from the outside but they block light to the inside as well.
Keeping your home clean and tidy when you're trying to sell it is essential. Use these ideas to make sure you're covering all your bases when it comes to cleanliness.
29. Keep your home as clean as possible.  That way you will be ready for buyers to come see it at at short notice.
30. Do not leave dirty dishes out.  Wash them right away or place them in the dishwasher.
31. Pick up your clothes.  You might be in a rush in the morning, but do not leave pajamas, shirts and especially not underwear lying around. You do not want to make buyers uncomfortable and you want to keep the bedroom clean and tidy.
32. Clean the windows.  It is amazing what a good cleaning will do for windows.  You may not have even realized how much light was being blocked by dirt and grime.
33. Make sure ceiling fans and lights are dust free.  These are places you might not often check for dirt but buyers may notice.
34. If you have any carpets or rugs in the home then clean them.  You want to make the carpets in your home look as nice as possible, so have them professionally cleaned or rent a carpet cleaner, especially if you have pets or young children.
35. Wash and if appropriate press window adornments.  You might not realize how much dust and dirt your curtains and blinds are collecting.  Take them down and give them a wash and press or send them to the dry cleaners to keep them fresh and attractive.
36. Put away toys.  Buyers should not have to trip over items to see your home so keep toys and other items out of the way as much as possible.
37. Wash any walls you do not wish to paint.  You do not have to totally paint a room to make it look nice sometimes just wiping down a wall can make a big difference.
38. Wipe down light switches and door jambs. These are places that collect dirt and grime from hands so a quick wipe down can do wonders for a room.
39. Focus on the bathroom and kitchen.  These are spaces that buyers are most concerned be clean so focus your attention on them first.
You want to make your home appear as spacious as possible, and if it's filled with junk, well, you're going to have a hard time doing that.  Use these tips to help get your home clutter free.
40. Have a garage sale.  It can help you make some money to use for renovations and get rid of things you don't need at the same time.
41. Clean out wardrobes. You want them to look spacious so keep them organised.
42. Organise all your storage spaces.  Invest in some bins and boxes to store your things which will help them look nice and neat.
43. Only have what you need in a space.  When you are selling your home it is best to pare things down to essentials.  Clear out anything in a room that you're not using on a regular basis.
44. Consider a storage lock up.  If you do not have a place to put all your extra things rent out a storage space for a month or two. It is a good investment if it helps you sell your home.
45. Clear off all counter tops.  Cluttered worktops can make a kitchen or bathroom look dirty and small so keep the space open instead.
46. Hide personal items.  Photos, memorabilia, personal care products and other items should not be out on display.  Put them in a draw or cupboard instead.
47. Keep draws and cupboards only partially full.  You want to make it look like there is abundant space so only utilise about 80 percent of the storage space.
48. Do not forget the garage.  Clean out the garage and make sure there is enough space to house a car.  If you want to go all out hang up bikes and garden equipment to fully organise the space.
While you want to work on your home itself, being smart about the business end of property can be a big element in your success when it comes to selling your home.  Learn more with these tips.
49. Do not volunteer information to buyers.  You never know what answer they are expecting to hear and you could do more harm than good.  Let your estate agent handle the situation.
50. Choose a really good, reliable and established estate agent.  Finding an honest estate agent who will work with your interests is essential.  Use recommendations from friends and family.
51. Go outside when buyers are viewing your home.  It can make buyers nervous to have the sellers in the home when they are looking round so make youself scarce and only appear in order to answer any questions they may have.
52. Compare prices with other homes in the area.  You want to make sure you are not asking too much or too little for your home.  Your chosen estate agent can help you come up with a good and realistic figure.
53. Find out why buyers are not choosing your home.  If your house has been on the market for a while contact buyers and agents to see why they chose another home and not yours.  There may be something missing or detracting from your house that you are not aware of.
54. Have a "For Sale" on your gate or wall or in your garden.  Many potential home buyers see homes they're interested in simply by driving by.  You will increase your chances of attracting their attention by displaying a professional sign not a home made "Se Vende" Sign.
55. Advertise on the web.  Make sure that your estate agent is advertising your property on the web.  There are numerous websites out there where you can compare house prices. This is what the buyers are looking at so if your house is overpriced compared to others in your area seek advice from you agent.
56. Take good photos of your home.  Whether you are putting an advertisement in a paper or online make sure the photos are of good quality and that is the same for those taken by your agent.  Blurry or dark photos are not going to sell anything!
57. Do not overprice your property.  It can be tempting to want to get as much as possible for your house but in a market like this one competitiveness is key.
58. Ask for advice.  If you are struggling with selling your home look to friends and real estate professionals for advice on how to tackle any issues that may come up.
59. Do your research.  Do not just settle on an estate agent to determine the price of your home price without doing a little groundwork first.  The more you know, the better off you will be.
60. Look at the bright side.  A crowded market does not have to be a bad thing if you look at it from a different perspective.  For instance, if there are several other homes for sale on your road, you may get buyers looking at your home who would not have otherwise stopped by.
61. Do not severely restrict showing hours. While it can be hard to balance, work, life and selling your home make sure you are fairly flexible when it comes to showing your home. You do not want to turn away any buyers who want to see the space.
Is your home an inviting, cosy and nice place to live in?  If it is not quite there yet help to make the atmosphere perfect for a sale with some of these tips.
62. Get some new accessories.  New throws, pillows, candles and matching home decor can give a room new lease of life without costing a bundle of money.
at its best.
65. Keep the temperature comfortable.  In the summer make sure your house is cool and as such comfortable.  In the winter keep it warm and toasty.
66. Make your home smell nice.  You do not have to bake biscuits or bread to make your home smell nice.  Getting rid of rubbish and pet odours and using a spray air freshener can make a big difference.
67. Keep pets out of the way.  If you have got dogs or cats make sure to keep them well out of the way while buyers are walking through your house.
68. Light some candles.  These can smell nice and help set the mood of the space.  Just do not light them and go out!
69. Remove any pest control devices.  Ants, mice and fly traps will seriously turn off buyers and make them think there is an infestation.  If there is it is probably a good time to call in the pest control team.
70. Stop smoking in your home.  If you are a smoker start smoking outside if you are not already doing so.  Cigarette smoke smells can linger and extremely difficult to get rid of make buyers unwilling to purchase.
71. Open windows or light a fire.  During good weather opening windows can give your house a really good feeling.  In colder months if you have a fireplace show it off or alternatively put the heating on create a cosy effect.
72. Keep it natural.  Your property does not need to look like a show home on a magazine cover.  Buyers know you live there so whilst you should take care to keep things clean and nice do not go overboard.
73. Make some throw pillows.  This is a cheap and easy way to spruce up a living room or a bedroom.
74. Remember that you are not decorating for yourself.  Decor should not be about what you like but what will appeal to the general public.
Easy Improvements
These tips will have your home looking its best in no time.
75. Consider new handles.  New handles on old cabinets can provide a cheap and easy update.
76. Replace light bulbs.  This is one of the simplest ways to fix up your home and it will make your house seem that much more well kept and maintained.
77. Make cosmetic updates.  Filling in holes, fixing small things and cleaning up stains, spills and scuffs are all projects that can be completed in an afternoon and will make you home look leaps and bounds better.
78. Re-grout tiles.  Re-grouting tiles is a fairly easy task and can make a tired, dirty bathroom look brand new.
79. Strip old wallpaper.  If you have got dingy, peeling wallpaper in your house take it down.  Most buyers are not looking for wallpaper these days and would prefer fresh clean painted walls.
80. Consider a new toilet seat.  If your bathroom is old a new toilet seat can make things look nice and freshnew for only a few Euros.
81. Update your stained bath.  Old, stained tubs can get new lease of life when you call in a professional bath refurbisher to paint them.
82. Get a new shower curtain.  Shower curtains are cheap so replace any old curtains in your home with nice, attractive new ones.
83. Replace leaky taps.  If you have got a leaky tap in your home buyers are sure to notice so get the problem fixed or buy a new tap.
84. Fix leaks, cracks and holes.  With a little WD40 and elbow grease you can reduce any noises in your home.
85. Have any water leakage problems repaired.  Few things will turn off buyers faster than the signs of water damage.  If you have got a leaky roof or basement get it fixed.  You will also need to repair any interior damage it has done as well.
86. Add some plants.  Giving your space some pretty plants is a great way to brighten it up and can cost only a few Euros.
87. Consider new light fixtures.  Outdated or broken light fixtures are not going to charm buyers so invest in new ones to make things look neat and tidy.
Staging can go a long way towards making your home look great and getting buyers to go for it. Learn the ins and outs from these tips below.
88. Update furniture.  Old fashioned furniture can make your house seem outdated.  Get a few pieces of more modern, up to date furniture to put in your space instead.
89. Create warm and inviting spaces. Your home should be a place that makes buyers feel at home there as well. Use warm colors, cosy setups and accessible styles to make it appealing to the widest range of buyers.
90. Go for minimal.  Less can be more when it comes to selling your home.  Work at striking a balance between your home feeling empty or too full of your personal items.
91. Pay attention to flow.  The flow of a room can be a big deal with buyers.  If you have a room that is an access point between two spaces make sure there is no furniture in the way making it hard to navigate through.
92. Design for spaciousness.  You want your house to look as big as possible to buyers so do what you can to make spaces look bright and airy.  That means small, pale coloured furniture and fresh wall colors.
93. Make it happy.  A happy space is one that buyers will fall in love with.  Forego dreary dark colours and tired furniture and opt for bright, light and clean items instead.
94. Choose light colors.  Light neutral colours will help your home to look bigger and will give a better feel to potential buyers than dark colors.
95. Remove any controversial decor.  This means doing away with any mounted animal heads, sexy photos or political memorabilia as they would definately put off potential buyers.
96. If you do not have good furniture try renting some. There are some places where you can rent a nice sofa or a dining table for a few months while you are selling your home. It can be much cheaper than buying and you will not have to worry about the items when your home is sold.
97. Talk to a professional stager.  He or she can help you to figure out just what would be best to do in your home and where you problem areas are.  If you're on a tight budget aske them create a plan and do the work yourself.
98. Focus on the main rooms.  These are the rooms that buyers will be most concerned about so make sure spaces like the kitchen, living room and master bedroom look the best.
99. Be creative.  There are numerous ways to make your home look appealing to buyers so be creative. You may find a theme, colour scheme or layout that is good when you are open to new ideas.
100. Use what you have.  You may not need to go out and buy new things to furnish your home.  Use things you already have around the house and revamp them to make them work in your space.
101. Get real, think about your situation.  Do you really want to sell?  Make sure the sale price of your property is reallistic in order to get viewings.  Without viewings you will not get a sale!
The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, it simply transmits information related to legal issues.

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