Els Poblets

Els Poblets (Valencian: [els poˈblets], additionally referred to as Setla, Mira-rosa i Miraflor, is a district in the Valencian Area, Spain. It is situated in the north of the province of Alicante. The populace is 3,708 (INE 2007).
Els Poblets lies in a plain developed by alluvial dirts of the Girona river. It spans regarding 1 km of coastline on the Mediterranean and contains the beach of Almadraba.
The community is surrounded by Denia and also El Verger.
The average temperature level arrays from 11 degrees in January to 25 in July, the average rains is 600 mm a year.
Although Els Poblets has its origin in an old ranch founded after the Muslim conquest, which was later on incorporated into the Christian domain of Dénia, there are remains of older populaces. In the Roman site of Almadrava several residences coming from a ceramic were found, along with clay deposits, workshops and spaces for the workers.
Towards the 16th century Miraflor was owned by the lords of Perpignan. It ultimately became the home of the Cardona nobles. It was a place populated by moriscos, which in 1609 had a total of 85 residences, after their expulsion a repopulation with people from Mallorca was performed.
Mira-rosa and also Miraflor merged right into one solitary community in 1971. On November 25 of 1991, by Mandate 216/91 of the Council of the Generalitat Valenciana, it was accepted alter the name of the town to Els Poblets, as it was famously understood.

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