Dénia (Valencian: [ˈdenia]; Spanish: Denia [ˈdenja], is a historical seaside city in the district of Alicante, Spain, on the Costa Blanca halfway between Alicante as well as Valencia, and the capital and judicial seat of the comarca of Marina Alta. Considered to be among the most stunning and also culturally rich cities in Spain; Denia has an immense historic heritage, with Iberian, Greek, Roman, Islamic, Napoleonic as well as Christian people having all left their mark. Since 2014, it had a population of 41,672, although this is greater than doubled by tourist throughout the summertime.
There is proof of human habitation in the area considering that primitive times as well as there are considerable Iberian ruins on the hills nearby. In the fourth century BC it was a Greek swarm of Marseille or Empúries, being discussed by Strabo as Hemeroscòpion (Greek: Ημεροσκοπείον) (suggesting schedule), and later known as Hemeroscòpium. It was an ally of Rome throughout the Punic Battles, as well as later on was soaked up right into the Roman Realm under the name of Dianum (after their siren Diana). In the first century BC Quintus Sertorius developed a Roman naval base right here. 
In 636-696 AD, during the Visigothic Kingdom of Iberia, it was the seat of a diocesan from Toledo. After the Muslim occupation of Iberia and also the dissolution of the Caliphate of Córdoba, Dénia (known as Dāniyah or دانية in Arabic which indicates lowland) became the funding of a taifa kingdom that controlled part of the Valencian coast and Ibiza. The Slavic Muslim slaves, saqālibah, led by Muyahid ibn Yusuf ibn Ali their leader, who could take profit from the modern crumbling of the Caliphate's superstructure to obtain control over the district of Dénia. The Saqaliba took care of to release themselves and also run the Taifa of Dénia which expanded its reach regarding the islands of Majorca as well as its funding Madinah Mayurqah. The Saqaliba Taifa shed its freedom in 1076, when it was captured by Ahmad al-Muqtadir, lord of Zaragoza, under which it continued to be until the Almoravid intrusion in 1091. The Muslim Arabs initially constructed the castle citadel, as well as the French, that inhabited the city for four years during the Peninsular Battle, re-built it in the early 19th century.
1609 Expulsion of the Moriscos at the port of Dénia, by Vincente Mostre
The town was reconquered by the Christians in 1244. This caused a decline for the city, which stayed almost unoccupied after the exile of the majority of the Muslim population. It was later repopulated by the Valencian government. Created a fief in 1298, it was held by the de Sandoval family members from 1431, although the city itself was gone back to Aragonese crown in 1455. A marquisate from 1487, Dénia got lots of advantages many thanks to Francisco Gómez de Sandoval y Rojas, Fight it out of Lerma, a favourite of Philip III of Spain. It endured a more period of degeneration after the mandate of Expulsion of the Moriscos (1609 ), through which 25,000 individuals left the marquisate, leaving the local economic situation in a disappointing state.
During the Battle of the Spanish Sequence Dénia was besieged by 9,000 French troops in June 1707, who broke down numerous areas of the community walls using cannon, yet their strikes in July were repulsed by the tiny fort with great loss of life to the assaulters resulting in the siege being elevated after 27 days. Dénia nevertheless was up to the French forces that November. In 1713 the Treaty of Utrecht recognised Louis XIV's grand son Philip, Battle each other of Anjou, as King of Spain (as Philip V), so returning Dénia to Spanish regulation.
It was reacquired by the Spanish crown in 1803, after which Denia obtained a progressively crucial role as a trading port. A neighborhood of English raisin investors lived in Denia from 1800 up until the time of the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s.
Main views
Dénia is house to big moorish castle on a rough crag neglecting the city. It was constructed in the 11th as well as 12th century and supplies sights around the sea, the city and also the surrounding location. Located in the castle is the Palau del Governador and also it's equivalent museum.
Dénia likewise has the Museu Etnològic with additional details on the history and also society of the city.
Dénia has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen Csa), with moderate and also brief winter seasons and also hot and long summer seasons. The mean temperature level of the chilliest month (January) is 12.3 ° C (54.1 ° F), while the mean of the best month (August) is 26.8 ° C (80.2 ° F). The city delights in around 3.000 sunlight hrs per year.
The ferryboat to Ibiza and also the various other Balearic Islands leaves daily. Up until 2005, the city also functioned as the northern terminus for a stunning 1,000 mm (3 feet 3 3⁄8 in) metre gauge railway line through the mountains from Alicante (widely known as the Limón Express), run by FGV. This was not a particular tourist train; it supplied transport throughout the year as well as was tailored to commuter use. Efforts have been made to re-open the line, until now without success.
The bonfire celebration is well known each March. Massive papier maché sculptures, called fallas are established throughout the community, and then set ablaze.
The Bous a la Mar (suggesting "Bulls at the Sea") is held in July. The emphasize of this week long celebration is watching bulls diminish the major street Marqués de Campo, just to be gone after right into the Mediterranean sea by those bold adequate to go into a makeshift bull ring with them.
Given that 1974 it has been home to painter and carver Joan Castejón. The town recognized him as Adoptive Son of Dénia in 1999.
Coordinates: 38°50′40″N 0°6′40″E
Autonomous community: Valencian Community
Province: Alicante
Comarca: Marina Alta
Judicial district: Dénia
Total Area: 66.2 km2 (25.6 sq mi)
Elevation: 22 m (72 ft)
Total Population (2014): 41,672
Density: 630/km2 (1,600/sq mi)
Postal code: 03700

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