Car Hire Protection - Stay Safe

Protect Yourself Against Minor Crime When Hiring a Car

These days in the main there is very little theft in Spain however like any country in the world crime is more common place in cities and airports as opposed to in the beach resorts and the countryside.   You, as a tourist stand out like a sore thumb and of course hire cars and their logos are also a dead give away to potential thieves.


Ninety nine times out of a hundred you will arrive at your destination airport, collect your hire car and drive off to your villa or hotel and arrive without any incident whatsoever after which you will enjoy the wonderful sunshine and hospitable Spanish people and their lifestyle


Of course when you arrive in Spain if you have not been to the airport before you will probably be tired from travelling and you centauromay also be disorientated and not too sure where to go, therefore you are a vulnerable target.  As such it will not hurt to remind yourself of the following simple guidelines and tips.


-         Keep your passports and travel documents in a safe place, it is a good idea to keep them on your person as opposed to in a briefcase or a handbag.


-         Always remain with your luggage and never leave it unattended, if there are two of you then one should stay with your belongs whilst the other sorts out the next step of your journey.


-         If you are hiring a car then once you have completed the documentation and collected your car immediately place all your belongings in the boot and lock it, do not leave any items on the back seat of the car.


-         Check the hire car to see if there are any scratches on it and importantly check the tyres to make sure that there are no punctures.


-         If your car is not full of petrol ask the hire car company where the nearest garage is and, on arrival at the garage, lock the car and take the keys with you.


-         Most importantly do not get into conversation with any strangers however innocent they may appear and at no point stop if someone attempts to flag you down. Thieves usually work in pairs so whilst you are being distracting talking to someone their partner could be up to no good behind your back.


-         Lastly and most certainly not least on arrival at your holiday destination park your car in a brightly lit area or if it is available a secure parking area.  Do not leave any personal items or valuables in your car take them with you and finally make a note of your car registration number and where you have parked it!!


The above are only just reminders of what I am sure you are normally aware of in your everyday lives, however in a foreign country when we are in a different environment and your thoughts are on a having a brilliant time in the sun and the sea it is better to be safe than sorry!  Enjoy yourselves I am sure that you will!

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