Buying a property in Spain Advice

If you like great weather and mansion styled villas you much try to visit Spain as soon as possible!  Many buyers have a great desire for the tradional type of Spanish home and as such the sale of villas has escalated in recent years.  Owners of the latter properties know that there is a great demand for their villas and as such have made a great deal of money out of them.
Aside from the splendor that these houses offer to the customers there are other factors that entice buyers to buy and settle in the Costa Blanca such as the fantastic Spainish lifestyle and the fantastic weather with sun for more or less 320 days a year  In addition buying property in Spain is a great investment.  Estimates by experts show that in the next five years or so there will be more than a million and a half properties that are going to be bought by non-natives of Spain.
Before you start taking your money out of the bank it is wise to do a lot of research.  Many people have handed over deposits to either sellers or estate agents and never seen it again - be careful to protect yourself.  Simply appoint a lawyer and make sure that he/she  is familar with the buying and selling of properties.  Leaving everything is their hands means that  all the legalities will taken care of from the holding deposit through until the signing of the purchase at the Notary.  Most lawyers speak English but if they do not speak your language enlist the help of a recommended private translator so that nothing is lost in translation, this can happen when you are eager to purchase.  There are many good translators in our area that speak different European languages and the fee is well worth the cost.
The property market in Spain has been blossoming over recent years and more non Spanish residents have been taking advantage of the many bargains that are on offer.  The latter is also made attractive by the fact that Spain offers low interest rates and the properties are reasonably priced.
The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, it simply transmits information related to legal issues.

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