Brexit - Valuable information

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union on October 29th, 2019, causing a number of considerable adjustments which will influence people and also businesses.  To remain informed of the Brexit development and its ramifications, there are a variety of sites, suggested or composed by the British federal government, which are upgraded as new information is released.
1 - The ramifications of a 'no deal' situation are detailed at the dedicated federal government site.
While leaving the EU with an offer stays the federal government's top concern, it must prepare for every eventuality which consists of a 'no deal'. Because of this the guidance clarifies the rights of UK nationals in the EU to benefits and pension plans, suggestions for family pet travelling, the effect on the law of medications and also medical gadgets, among various other potential problems.
2 - Details about the EU leave, including the article 50 process, arrangements as well as news concerning policy changes for Brexit is available at:
Subjects range from preparing your business for when the UK leaves the EU to living in Europe after Brexit.
3 - Official information for British people moving to as well as living in Spain, consisting of Brexit support, residency, healthcare as well as driving, can be found at:
The website contains current, main information, and also has been upgraded recently.
4 - Another beneficial government led website is "Prepare for EU Leave" which contains information about how to prepare as well as the actions that may required to be taken by people and organisations. This includes passports, driving permits as well as flying within the EU to banking and selling online. To see even more check out:
5 - For those covered under the Spanish social security system there is advice on requesting or restoring a European Medical insurance Card (EHIC) on the official home page:
(The Spanish federal government's dedicated social security web site is in English).
6 - The Spanish government has launched a committed 'Planned for Brexit' site which supplies details for homeowners as well as services alike, not only concerning the effects but also backup steps that are being taken on at both nationwide and also global levels. The website is in English.

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