Benigembla (Valencian enunciation: [beniˈdʒembla] located in the Pop Valley within the area of Marina Alta in eastern Spain. The community is 314 m above water level. It is just 50 km away from Benidorm, 88 km from Alicante, 105 km from Valencia, as well as 23 km from Dénia. Just 7.5 km (about 5 miles) from the town, towards La Vall d'Ebo in an ancient Morisco site, Pla de Petracos, there are paintings over 8000 years old as well as UNESCO has actually marked it a protected world site of cultural interest. The community of Benigembla is also of Moorish origin, like many communities in the Pop Valley. In 1609 more than 14,000 Moors of the Pop Valley that withstood the decree of expulsion, as well as they collected in the hill of El Cavall Verd or el Pop. At the end, the Moors quit because they were lacking food, water, and fundamental supplies. After giving up, most of the Moors were removed after experiencing high casualties.
After the decree of expulsion of the Moors from the year 1609, the town was repopulated primarily by Majorcan and western Catalan people. The village still keeps lots of practices as well as customizeds of these inhabitants, as well as additionally the language talked by the villagers. At the summit of "El Cavall Verd" also referred to as "La Muntanya del Pop", there are still some remains of an old castle called ´El Castell de Pop  El Cas´ was possessed by Al-Azraq, then by Pere d'Altafulla. Since 1329 was possessed by Vidal de Vilanova and his successors. During the final duration it was handed to ´Jaume I el conqueridor´ by the Jovada deal by Al-Azraq. Later on, Peter the Great ordered its destruction, and also today there are very few traces left. ´El Castell de Pop´ gives its name to this captivated valley in the Marina Alta.
In 1615 the community had a population of only 99 citizens, and also it reached its peak in 1860 with nearly 900 citizens. From the 1900s to 1960 the town shed 34% of its population, because a lot of the residents moved to the UNITED STATE, France, Germany, as well as Algeria Today the village has about 606 inhabitants, according to the current community demographics of the year 2011. Regarding 45% percent of the populace is international, primarily British, these novices which began to clear up in the 1980s and also in the year 2009 they currently stood for 36% of the population. However there are likewise Germans as well as North Americans in town. The district of Vernissa Park is largely English speaking, considering that the majority of individuals that settled in the urbanisation are British.
It is a very level community surrounded by mountains, which one can locate really delightful and also relaxing. The main language spoken by its neighborhood inhabitants is the Catalan language, also recognized in your area as Valencian, which the majority of the population speak and also use as their primary language. After the decree of the expelling of the Moors in 1609, the town was booming mainly by residents from Catalonia, as well as the Balearic Islands. A lot of the traditions of these inhabitants are still carried out today, along with the Catalan language that they brought with them. In the table listed below we can see the different modifications in Benigembla's populace from the year 1857 to 2007, according to the National Institute of Data. The population has been increasing considering that 1998, since more of the novices began to sign up in the municipal town's census. Today the populace of Benigembla is the most varied population that has actually been considering that the presence of the community.
Coordinates: 38°45′21″N 0°6′37″W
Autonomous community: Valencian Community
Province: Alicante
Comarca: Marina Alta (comarca)
Judicial district: Dénia
Total Area: 18.40 km2 (7.10 sq mi)
Elevation: 314 m (1,030 ft)
Total Population (2016): 419
Density: 23/km2 (59/sq mi)
Postal code: 03794
Official language(s): Catalan(Valenciano)

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